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What we do:

"Our vision is to make a lasting impact for displaced people affected by the current crisis in Ukraine by providing secure, robust, and warm accommodation. "



We work with global and local charities to provide safe, secure, robust, and warm relocatable accommodation, that can provide a dignified private family space when families are feeling at their most vulnerable.  The displaced are often the forgotten silent victims, we believe they deserve the opportunity to have some normality and dignity in their lives.

The Re:Haus accommodation is flexible in its design and can be fitted to meet the needs of each situation, the accommodation can be used for:

  • Fully fitted self-contained accommodation

  • Community rooms

  • Washing/laundry facilities

  • Medical units

  • Consultation facilities

  • Storage facilities

To join us and find out how you can make a real difference to families who find themselves as innocent and silent victims,

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