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Cieszanów - Gorajec- Lviv-Tarnopol

£600,000 will support:

The Folkowisko Foundation

Folkowisko was created in 2012 and has since provided valuable support for the local regional organisations and the underprivileged. 

The foundation was one of the first organisations to respond to the crisis. 

The Folkowisko Foundation is supported and endorsed by the local authorities who will provide us with suitable land and utilities. 

They are actively supporting citizens on the Poland-Ukraine border during the humanitarian crisis. 

Their volunteers aid thousands of displaced people daily by providing them with all the essential help like food, medical supplies and shelter.

Project Re:Haus will support Folkowisko Foundation by providing dignified living spaces for those in need. 

Money donated to Project Re:Haus in Ukraine could house around 13,000 people, provide sanitary wash and laundry facilities, supply space for immediate medical assistance, ensure help and support for those most vunerable. 

The unit can withstand the demanding weather, the "plug and play" system is easy to install and can be ready to use in around 1  hour, making it the best relocatable and flexible solution.


Current Situation in Gorajec Poland-Ukraine border
Current situation in Gorajec Poland-Ukraine border
Folkowisko Volunteers work with Ukrainian representatives to provide the best care.
Folkowisko is run by amazing volunteers.
Current situation in Budomierz
Folkowisko is supporting Ukraine in many ways
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