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The Big Picture


Could house 164,000 displaced people

Delivering our projects on a significant scale would make an impact that has a real benefit to the families and communities who have been displaced.

Our ambition is to raise £5,000,000 to provide homes for affected families.

What we can provide: 

  • Accommodation/sleeping quarters

  • Wash/laundry facilities

  • Community rooms

  • Consultation facilities

  • Medical Units

  • Storage facilities

The solution offers: 

  • Structure: Robust and modular structured weather-proof and insulated

  • Usability: Services fitted and ready to connect to power (mains or generator), water and waste

  • Safety: A secure, safe and warm space with heating and a side window

  • Function: Ventilation and insulation to avoid internal condensation

  • Space: Over 11m² of internal floor space

  • Value: Units be used for short term shelter and/or medium-term community displacements

  • Flexibility: The number of homes can be scaled up or down allowing families and communities to be together

Please visit the Gallery tab for photos of the solution.

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